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These Nude Pictures of Malaysian Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong Are Too Good To Be True But Lets Wait


    Besides the real semi-nude photographs (upskirts really) of embattled Selangor executive councilor Elizabeth Wong that were leaked online, there are now fake nude pictures of MP Elizabeth Wong making the rounds on the Internet like wildfire. The pictures are spreading by email and they have been forwarded to again and again. The first received these "super imposed" of Elizabeth Wong days ago but they seemed clearly fake because the boobs seem way too big and fat to be those of Ms. Wong. So, it was decided not to post them, but top police officials in Malaysia are talking about them so lets show the people what all the talk from their authorizes is about. Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Wira Mohammad Sabtu Osman said police came across several copies of the fake photographs being spread by individuals who are tooking advantage of the controversy over the distribution of Wong's semi-nude photographs.

    "I am warning those responsible for the fake photographs to stop distributing them," he told reporters.

    He said that police were investigating two copies of Wong''s controversial photographs but "we have since come across several super imposed pictures being spread by irresponsible people on the Internet."

    He also said, police recorded statements from 12 individuals from the media industry that received nude photos to help police investigations into the distribution of the semi-nude photographs of Ms. Wong that were leaked.
    Meanwhile, the email inbox is being checked twice as often for more real leaked pictures of Ms. Wong. I have it from reliable sources that the three or four pictures real leaked photos so far is only the tip of a titanic iceberg that might include a video. If you have them, please send them to as soon as possible and they will be posted here for the world to view. Until then, people can enjoy these very popular but likely fakes of Ms. Wong. The Elizabeth Wong look alike chick in the pictures below look like one of those PRC whores that Singapore is famous for, if anyone know who she really is drop a line in the comments section. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    The real woman above and the fake pictures Malaysian authorizes are talking about below:


    Send more pictures of this or another scandal to, your identity will be protected. Videos too please!


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    "Anonymous" and "L. S." and another "Anonymous"

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