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Aubrey O'Day is Selling Her "Classy, Iconic" Playboy Spread Like a Good Whore


    Ex-Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day says nude shoot was "empowering." And by "empowering" she must mean "profitable." Yeah I speak whore, picked it up back in the day in a suburban high school messing with future hoes. Anyway, Aubrey O'Day is nude in the March issue of Playboy on sale this Friday, she call the spread "classy" and "iconic." Aubrey O'Day is the reigning bad girl of the pop universe, and she proved it when she posed for Playboy back in November. O'Day shot the spread with photographer Markus Klinko in New York. But so far, O’Day hasn't spoken in-depth about the shoot, or revealed why (money) she decided to pose for the magazine. Until now, that is:

    "You could never imagine how empowering it is to be nude in front of cameras and have people looking at you in that way and seeing you as beautiful," she told MTV News. "You're seeing yourself as beautiful. I mean, a lot of the times I think I'm seen as a bad girl, and I think that's because I'm so open."

    "I only agreed to do it because [Markus] was shooting it," she said. "He is unbelievably amazing. He agreed with me that we needed to do something classy, iconic and truly beautiful. I mean, I think a lot of the type of way I'm portrayed in the media isn't always the way I am in my heart. And I think that we were able to capture that with [this shoot]."

    "It's going to be very elegant, very iconic," she emphasized. "We wanted to do something very beautiful and classic. And I'm very excited about, just in general, how liberating the shoot was and how great it's going to be to express myself and be comfortable with my sexuality. I think in society we tend to put ourselves in boxes and corners and restrict ourselves, and we constantly feel the need to not say this or not wear this ... and taking it all off and being nude is the most natural state that you can be in."

    Judging from the today's leaked cover and the two pictures that was leaked last week, she was airbrushed so much that she looks like CGI character. So if you're a big anime geek, this is a dream come true because there's probably all sorts of CGI nudity inside the magazine. So, Aubrey O’Day goes full slut bucket and poses for Playboy, who didn't see this coming from a mile away? Click on picture to enlarge.



    Aubrey Morgan O'Day (born February 11, 1984 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.) is an American singer, actress, songwriter, model, dancer, and a member of the musical group Danity Kane.

    O'Day was discovered on the MTV reality show Making the Band 3, founded by Diddy. Danity Kane's album debuted on August 22, 2006, at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts. Danity Kane was the opening act for Christina Aguilera on the U.S. leg of her Back to Basics Tour with the Pussycat Dolls. She walked the catwalk at Heatherette's Fall 2007 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held on February 6, 2007.

    O'Day has also recorded a song with R&B singer Cupid written and produced by D. Harold; Mischke, and T. Thomas , whose title is "Do Yo Dance" which is the new single from Cupid's album "Time For A Change".

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