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The Will Be Fully Retore To Where The Old Blog Ended


    First, please update your links, feeds and bookmarks to this new URL for the blog:

    Second, if you are wondering where are the posts from the last three or four month, don't worry. They are coming soon! We needed to get one thing done first and then they will be added to this blog.

    If you have a problem with the posting intimate pictures of your favorite politician then you should send in intimate pictures of political opponents of that
    politician. And you will see that this blog is an equal offender of politicians no matter their political view.

    The authors of this blog even post embarrassing content of politicians that we like. And will continue doing so in the future.

    BTW, you guys who have been following this Gutter blog for awhile know we love beaches, girls and bikinis so check out, it's an ad-free and SFW Real Beach Bikini Girls website! Here is a pic from that site:

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