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Jakki Degg's Awesome 2009 Nude Calendar


Here we have Jakki Degg’s official "nude" (but definitely topless) 2009 calendar for a very bright & promising 2009. I know you are probably wondering who the hell Jakki Degg is, but she is a pretty well-known glamour model in England and has a pretty impressive resume, including pictures in our favorite Nuts Magazine. And judging from her substantial assets, you guys will be seeing a lot more of her on this blog. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Jakki Degg (born February 20, 1978 in Stone, Staffordshire, England) is an English model and actress. While the bulk of her work has been done in England, she has appeared in American film and television, and has gained international fame through posters and magazine pictorials. Jakki became famous when, at her mother's encouragement, she entered and won the inaugural Max Power magazine babes competition. Following this she became a Page 3 girl for the The Sun newspaper, and was voted "greatest ever Page 3 girl" in 2001. She has posed topless and semi-nude for lad mags such as Front.

HIV-Infected Blood Sent To Obama, Saad Hussein Arrested And Charged with Mailing Tainted Letter to Obama


Some Obama supporters have an odd way of showing him their love. A Chicago man with a history of mental illness was arrested for sending President Barack Hussein Obama a letter smeared with HIV-infected blood in the lead-up to the inauguration. Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20s, sent a letter addressed to Barack Obama to the offices of the Illinois government in the weeks before the US President's inauguration in December. The letter contained a two-page note, a Christmas card, some index cards and one admission ticket to Obama’s election-night celebration in Grant Park — all smeared with reddish and orangeish stains from what tests show to be HIV-infected blood.

Hussein told the FBI that he is an "admirer" of Obama. He also said that he was "seeking help from the government", and that he was hoping to obtain tickets to the inauguration in Washington D.C. Hussein, who says he is infected with HIV, told police he slashed his own fingers open with a razor and smeared the blood over the items. From the Cleveland Leader:

“After the envelope was opened, Hazmat teams were called in. The offices of the Illinois Department on Aging, as well as the Dept. of Revenue were locked down for about two hours. 300 staff members were thus stuck in their offices.”

Using his brother as an interpreter, Hussein told the FBI that he was an “admirer” of Prez Obama. He also said that he was "seeking help from the government", and that he was hoping to obtain tickets to the inauguration in Washington D.C. Yeesh. I know it was hard to get inauguration tickets, but I don't think sending AIDS laced letters to the president-elect is ever a good idea. Hussein had also sent envelopes containing a white powder to Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. I am betting that was dried up semen grounded into powder form.

The United States Postal Service says this is only the second time HIV-infected blood has been sent maliciously through the U.S. mail system.

The United States Postal Service did not say this is only the second time HIV-infected blood has been sent maliciously in the mail that they know of, but rather this is only the second time its happened period. Which must be the biggest lie in the history of the U.S. Government or the stupidest statement ever. They can't possible know that. And I guess that guy wanted his idol to have a piece of him literary. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Azharuddin Mohammed, From Mumbai Slums to Academy Awards And Back To The Mumbai Slums For An Ass Kicking


Azharuddin Mohammed, the kid from the award winning movie Slumdog Millionaire is not doing great. His father welcomed the little thespian home yestuday by slapping him in the face and kicking him. The Sun has pictures of 10-year old Slumdog Millionaire actor, Azharuddin Mohammed, being beaten by his father yesterday after the boy refused to be put on display outside his family's home in the Dharavi slum in Bandra, Mumbai. The child actor was greeted by a massive crowd sprawled onto the roads causing nasty traffic jams outside his shanty in the slums as he arrived home with loudspeakers blared ‘Ringa Ringa’ and ‘Jai Ho.’ The abuse started when Mohammed’s dad, Ismail, became enraged after he told Azharuddin he wanted to be left alone after his long flight home from LA to India and didn’t want to be put on display outside of his home. Which is a tent, no joke. The Sun report:

Azharuddin, who had been given a day off school, was tired after his long haul flight from LA and prolonged hero’s welcome amid a media scrum yesterday. And when he refused to be put on display outside his home this afternoon, his father lashed out, kicking and slapping him round the face. His mother cried out for him to stop, but Ismail continued to dish out the physical punishment to the child-star. Azharuddin stood up to his dad, flaring the temper of 45-year-old Ismail, who launched himself at the lad shamelessly. Azharuddin yelped out as he tried to evade the older man's flailing hands and feet. He dashed into the tent that makes up his family home, followed by his father, where the young Slumdog star tried to cower in the corner. Azharuddin grabbed his face in pain and then ran off to cry. "Azharruddin’s father was upset that he was asking to be left alone because he was tired," said one shocked onlooker. "He didn’t attend school today so that he could recover from his long flight from LA and simply wanted all the attention to stop. "However, when Azharuddin put his foot down and said that was it and there was to be no more talking, Ismail just flipped."

Wow, last week this kid was walking down the red carpet with the biggest celebrities in the world for the greatest Hollywood event of the year, and now he's getting beat public in broad daylight by his father in the slums of India. The people who are making millions from the movie should be feeling a bit shameful today. This kid was in a star in an Oscar winning movie and he still lives in a tent. This is so amazingly fucked up! Click on picture to enlarge.

And here he is arriving home a few hours before his dad got medieval on his ass.

Poor kid, he should be in Hollywood trying to bang starlets! Not getting the shit kicked out of him in some slum.

Sexy Shannon Elizabeth is Best When Topless


Here are a few nude shots of the smokin' hot Shannon Elizabeth that we all fell in love with from that topless scene in American Pie. I don't know what happened to her acting career but it doesn't seem good. Someone really need to do the world a favor and cast her in a role with a few nude scenes. The girl had the best fake tits ever, it was shocking when it was reported that her boobs were implants back in 1999. Click on pictures to enlarge.



Shannon Elizabeth (born Shannon Elizabeth Fadal; September 7, 1973 in Houston, Texas, United States) is an American actress and former fashion model. Elizabeth came to prominence in the 1999 comedy film American Pie.

Elizabeth appeared in several films, including the horror film Jack Frost and Dish Dogs, before being cast in 1999's American Pie, which was a major box office success and garnered her fame for the famous 'webcam scene' in which she appeared topless. Elizabeth subsequently appeared in several major Hollywood films, including Scary Movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Tomcats. Elizabeth starred in the UPN series Cuts until the show was canceled in May 2006. Cuts and its parent show, One on One, were two of the many shows not to be picked up by The CW.

In August 1999, she posed for a nude pictorial in Playboy. In 2000 and 2003, she was featured in Maxim. In June 2008 she was Maxim' s cover girl.She provided the likeness and voice for Serena St. Germaine in the 2004 video game, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.

Marisa Miller Boobs Seems Unnatural, Especially That Left One


You know that sinking feeling you got as a kid when you first realize Santa Claus did not exist? Well I just realize that Marisa Miller boobs are now likely as fake as The Hills. Her boobs were just fine before so why the hell would she stuff them with implants? Marisa Miller is still ridiculously hot. But her boobs are now doing that weird thing Audrina Patridge's boobs are famous for doing. I am so sorry for saying this but Marisa Miller once so awesome natural tits are now showing of the classic signs of saline implant rippling. I think I just die a little inside. Someone tell me this is not true? I rather have a girl with small A cups than double D's with implant rippling. These pictures would have been so damn awesome if it was not for that damn ripple on her left tit that is killing the symmetry of her chest. I try to ignore and focus on the bigger picture of her boobs but it's like it is staring back at me. Click on pictures to enlarge.

don't know whats wrong the pictures above but I just watched a shitload of videos of Marisa Miller's boobs and they are REAL. I am so damn sure now. Because fake boobs just don't jiggly like that. Yes, there is a God and he is great.


Marisa Miller
(born August 6, 1978 in Santa Cruz, California, U.S.) is an American supermodel. She is known for her many appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and Victoria's Secret catalogs. She is the cover model for the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Marisa was able to move from a start as an amateur magazine model to high profile mainstream work after she was spotted by fashion photographer Mario Testino in Manhattan Beach, California in 2001. Noticing Marisa, Mario snapped pictures of her and approached her for a job offer. Soon after, Marisa worked with the likes of Victoria's Secret and has appeared in every issue of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2002. In particular, she was featured in the 2004 and 2005 editions' sections of body painting. Raphael Mazzucco's photograph of Marisa wearing nothing but an iPod in the 2007 edition became one of the most famous photos ever published in that magazine.

She's also appeared in other magazines such as Fitness, Shape, and Vogue, as well as working on campaigns for Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2004, she served as a modeling judge in the short-lived reality television series Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model. In the same year she also appeared in Puddle of Mudd's music video for "Spin You Around".

In 2007, Marisa shot her first television commercial for Victoria's Secret with fellow supermodel Heidi Klum, causing quite a stir unexpectedly drawing more attention than Klum, as well as appearing in a cameo on the HBO show Entourage. Marisa was also featured as a model on the pilot episode of the new VH1 reality show The Shot.

Lindsay Lohan Looking Shockingly Thin at 94 Pounds


What the hell, you can't tity fuck a chick this skinny! Lindsay Lohan continues her evaporating into a cloud of coke. Lindsay Lohan has gone from kinda chubby to full on anorexic in a matter of a few months. Some people are putting a number on Lindsay Lohan's recent "alarming" weight loss at a cool 40 pounds. According to a British tabloid AHLAN, Lindsay Lohan is wasting away and has shrank to an astonishing 94 lbs. They claim that sources close to the actress say she is obsessed with her weight. AHLAN report:

Insiders say Lindsay's weight has dropped from 61 kilos to 43 kilos within the past few months, which, at 5ft 6 makes her seriously underweight according to her BMI.

"She looks horribly unhealthy," said a friend, who adds that LiLo's pals are blaming a ‘skinny pact' with Samantha Ronson for the rapid weight loss. "Lindsay is obsessed with her weight."

Lohan is reportedly also distressed over the lack of jobs she's been getting and has been preoccupied with the career Scarlett Johansson believing Scarlett is taking roles away from her. At one point, Lohan was responsible for scrawling obscenities on bathroom walls in clubs about the well endowed actress. Lohan recently told the media, "I work just as hard as any other actress around my age, like Scarlett Johansson, but I just don't get the opportunities that they get." Someone should tell Lindsay stop crying about her career she snorted away and eat something already. She is 5'6" so she should weigh about 115-120 lbs, not 90 something or 130 something as she did a few months ago. Damn, some chicks can never get the weight thing right. Anyway, here is Lindsay Lohan leaving her house in the Hollywood Hills and getting stalked by the paparazzi. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Lindsay Dee Lohan (born July 2, 1986) is an American actress and pop music singer. Lohan started in show business as a child fashion model for magazine advertisement and television commercials. At age 10, she began her acting career in a soap opera; at 11, she made her motion picture debut by playing identical twins in Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap.

Lohan rose to stardom with her leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Her subsequent roles include appearances in A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby. In 2004, Lohan launched a second career in pop music yielding the albums Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005).

Camila Alves Has Nice Tan Brazilian Breast in Rio


Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves gives good cleavage at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Ladies, this is what tits should look like all the time. The world woulds be such a better place. Click on pictures to enlarge.



Matthew David McConaughey (pronounced /məˈkɑnəˌheɪ/; born November 4, 1969 in Uvalde, Texas, USA) is an American actor. After a series of minor roles in the early 1990s (including his breakout role in Dazed and Confused (1993), director Richard Linklater's second feature film), he appeared in films such as A Time to Kill (1996), Contact (1997), U-571 (2000), Sahara (2005), and We Are Marshall (2007). He also played the leading man in several romantic comedies, including The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Failure to Launch (2006), and Fool's Gold (2008).

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