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Sheyla Hershey Record-Breaking 38KKK World’s Largest Breasts


    Meet 28 year-old Brazilian model Sheyla Hershey, the owner of the biggest breasts in the world at a cup size of 38KKK, lets just say she had a dream. A dream to have the world’s biggest breasts. It was this dream that led her to Houston, Texas. There, surgeons pumped a gallon of silicone in her chest inflating it to a 34FFF. Still, that wasn’t enough. Hershey wanted to go bigger, much bigger.

    Her probably gay boyfriend pleaded with her to stop so she wisely dumped his ass. The state of Texas told her that injecting any more than a two gallon of silicone into her body would violate their ethical code or something like that. So, she did the only smart thing she couldand went to a country where doctors weren’t such big babies and didn't let stupid shit like ethics stop them. Her own country of Brazil. In May, ABC News reported that Hershey's breasts were 34 FFF after eight surgeries and one gallon of silicone in each. But she wasn't done yet. Sheyla finally ended up with a 34KKK bust and now holds the record for world’s largest breasts. Sheyla Hershey has filled her breast with so much silicone she is a ticking time bomb and could explode at any moment. But she is happy for now with her unfortunately-named bra size of 38KKK, however 38LLL or 40LLL would sound so much better. Anyway, here is her Myspace page for fans of chick with giant boobs and back problems: after you finish looking at her nude pictures post below. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    Hey ladies, this is NOT sexy! Don't do it, hell No! NO NO NO!


    Sheyla Hershey is a twenty-eight year old Sagittarius. Sheyla is a proud wife and mother. Sheyla was born in Brazil and likes to travel. Sheyla is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and English.

    Sheyla Hershey wanted to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records so she decided that having the biggest breasts were the way to do it. So last year, Sheyla Hershey had FFF breasts implanted into her body in Texas.

    Sheyla Hershey was only able to achieve 34 FFF in the United States, due to restrictions of the amount of silicone you can have in breast implants. But she wanted more, so Sheyla flew to Brazil for the record breaking plastic surgery. The state limits the amount of silicone that one person put in their body because the implants could kill her. So she headed to Brazil, which has no such restrictions, and walked away with the breasts of her dreams.

    Sheyla takes her craft seriously in that she has had over 18 plastic surgeries, mostly to her breast, but also her nose, lips and buttocks. She is currently at a breast size of KKK. For this, she has been awarded with the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World records award.


    Sheyla Almeida Hershey (born on December 19, 1979 in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil) is a glamour model Brazil. She is also a singer, dancer, and occasional actress now living in Houston Texas. She has a record deal in Brazil where she has achieved celebrity status. Her full measurements are 38 24 36 and Sheyla Hershey is 5’3” tall with 38KKK breast. She is currently blond but varies her look often.
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