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American Idol "Bikini Girl" Katrina Darrell Continue Her 15 Minutes By Going Bikini Shopping


    Meet Katrina Darrell the heroic young lady who auditioned for American Idol wearing a bikini. She got kicked off American Idol, but "Bikini Girl" aka Katrina Darrell is holding on tight to her 15 minutes of fame by trying on bikinis while out shopping. Although these are what you call in the industry as staged. Katrina Darrell failed to make the top 36 on American Idol despite parading around in a bikini during her audition. Reason being, she wasn’t very good and the judges finally got tired of the novelty. But if you thought she’d exit with grace and dignity, think again. She might just be another skinny girl with fake boobs who looks good in a bikini. But like any other attention whore with limited abilities, she's going to milk her moment in the spotlight for all it's worth. Which apparently includes posing for staged paparazzi bikini photos that aren't even in focus. "Bikini Girl" is not going to be your next "American Idol," but she could be your next Playboy centerfold. Anyway, she might be banging the guy she is pictures with below so Go Marines! USA! Click on pictures to enlarge.



    Katrina Darrell (born 1988 in Chino Hills, California, U.S.A.) is an American singer and occasional actress known as "Bikini Girl" from her first tryout on American Idol, Season 8. She lives in Chino Hills, California, and is a mix of Italian, French, American Indian, and Spanish. She has a certificate in radio production and is very close to her family. Darrell once worked as a Hooters girl. In the episode of American Idol on January 14, 2009, Darrell appeared in a bikini, earning the nickname "Bikini Girl." She was eliminated in the February 4th episode of American Idol.

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