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Asian American University Student Camwhoring in Her Dorm Room


    And here we have another Asian American university student doing her camwhore thing in lingerie. Just look at those sweet ass natural big boobs on her, I am not even sure she is Asian because she look like she could be a Filipino or a Latin American. The contributor say she is Asian so I am going with that, more information other than "Hot Asian big boob college teen self pics" would have been great. But that is cool though because her tits are nice. I will never known why certain girls take and share such photos on the Internet but we can all be happy that they do. And its nice when the step things up by dressing up in lingerie.

    Anyway, all American college dorm rooms look alike to me but these kind of remain me of dorm rooms I have seen at Stevens University (Stevens Institute of Technology) in Hoboken New Jersey. As a matter of fact, I am almost sure that these pictures where taken at Stevens Institute of Technology. Davis Hall if I am not mistaken, can someone confirm? Anyway screw New Jersey, can someone send in some camwhore photos of NYU girls to, I love New York University babes. I know they love to post their pictures online because half of them are wannabe fashion models and the other half are wannabe actresses. They are the best and all NYU babes are acceptable not just Asians. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    If you have it, leave any information on this set of pictures in comments section.


    Thanks to "Mr Nice"

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