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Asian Babe With a Bush Camwhoring and Taking a Shower


    I want to say she is Japanese but I have no idea to tell you the truth. On thing is for sure though, this camwhore was smart enough not to show her face while camwhoring. It sucks when people send in great stuff like this without some basic info. Anyway, the bush like Japanese so she is from Japan in my mind. A good hairy pussy is good every now and again when you get tired of that very popular prepubescent shaved look. That shit use to be a bit exotic but since everybody is doing it, the bush is now exotic. IF IT IS NEATLY DONE, I am not taking about some crazy hippie shit here with matching hairy armpits!!! Click on pictures to enlarge.

    If you have it, leave any information on this set of pictures in comments section.


    Thanks to "Lisa"

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