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Andy's Naked Sex Slave Does Anything He Ask Her To Do


Everyone should have one of these sex slave things ASAP. They seem to be a whole a lot of fun and I bet they clean themselves off afterwards. Anyway, I think this is a British couple having some BDSM fun and while the female's name is not known. The dude is obviously named Andy. And this Andy guy is a real interesting bastard for writing that bullshit on his girl (I think she is his wife) and allowing it to leak onto the Internet. So, what a sex slave go for these days? I wonder if Andy will let me borrow his for a weekend of fun. Andy probably wouldn't loan her out because his sex slave is also his wife, or would he? Click on pictures to enlarge.

Ladies, the moral to this story is don't let your boyfriend or husband write stupid shit on your body and certainly do not allow him to take pictures of it. He know she is his sex slave and she know she is his sex slave so the only reason he would write that shit on her and take photos of it is because he wanted to show other people. And of course it is going to end up on the Internet thanks to him or his buddies, of course.


Thanks to "Ted"

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