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Michael Phelps is Now The King Midas of Shit


    Richland County Sheriffs made good on their promise of investigating the photo of Michael Phelps taking a bong hit. While Michael Phelps isn’t in any legal trouble himself at all, Richland County Sheriff’s have arrested seven people for drug possession and one person for distribution. But the party at University of South Carolina cost Michael Phelps $2,000 he lost playing beer pong. Which is why you never bet money on beer pong. Page Six reports:

    "I saw Phelps pull out a roll, a bank-wrapped $2,000. He said, 'I'll match the $2,000,' " onlooker Michael Whitworth told the State newspaper. "Good ol' Phelpsie lost it, too."
    Michael Phelps will most likely not face charges:
    We've now learned that since investigators began trying to build a case, they've made eight arrests: seven for drug possession and one for distribution. These are arrests that resulted as the sheriff's department served search warrants.

    We've also learned that the department has located and confiscated that bong. Sources say the owner of the bong was trying to sell it on eBay for as much as $100,000. The owner, who wasn't even at the party, is one of the eight now charged.
    Governor Mark Sanford is also weighing in on the sheriff's actions. On the FOX News Channel Sunday night, Geraldo Rivera asked Sanford whether Phelps should be prosecuted.

    "I don't see what it gets at this point," said Sanford. His spokesman told us Monday night Sanford is letting that quote stand.

    Since Michael Phelps won all those gold medals at the Olympics he has become the King Midas of SHIT. Everything he touches not turn into shit. Instead of finding a hot Hollywood starlet to fuck after her won all those medals, he went to South Carolina to smoke weed. Fucking moron... Click on pictures to enlarge.


    Michael Fred Phelps (born June 30, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States) is an American swimmer. He is a 14-time Olympic gold medalist (the most by any Olympian) and he currently holds seven world records in swimming. Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals won at a single Olympics with the eight golds he won at the 2008 Olympic Games. With this record, he surpassed Mark Spitz, who was also a swimmer and had held the previous gold medal total with the seven that he won at the 1972 Olympic Games.

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