Latest Movie : Asian Free Love Weekend


    Some people are getting real mad that some of their contributions have yet to be posted. And the last time the backlog got this big, it was all lost. so, it is time to clean the inbox. This weekend is going to be filled with contributed photos that were skip because of a lack of info like names and/or location but other is fit for
    the Even though not enough info was sent, the pics can easily (wild guessing) be sort into four groups. This weekend will be Asian pictures and next will be European pictures and then Latin pictures and then North American pictures. But, I am lazy as fuck and things might come up so nothing is guarantee for the upcoming weekends. After the pictures are posted, I will try to put up the videos but this blog needs a video posted ASAP. I need a new watermark program for videos, any ideas? Something freeware would be nice.

    Send contributions to and remember that with more information the quicker your contributions will be posted.

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