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Suge Knight Got Knocked The Fuck Out Over the Weekend...haha!, Glass Chin Bitch!


    Suge Knight has a glass chin. On the night of May 10th 2008, Suge Knight was at Shag nightclub in Los Angeles when he began arguing with a man he had been talking with. A witness overheard Suge say, “I want my money!” Suge and his entourage beat the guy to the ground, but the man landed a right hook on Suge’s face, knocking him out for around three minutes as reported on The dude stands 5″10 185 pounds and Suge is 6′3 315 . I am pretty sure the dude is going to die because of this and I will be the first to post that dude has died because you don’t knocked Suge out and just get to walk away like nothing ever happened. lol Click on pictures to enlarge.

    Death Row Records founder Suge Knight was involved in an altercation at a Los Angeles night spot over the weekend that resulted in him getting knocked out cold.

    Knight and a group of men beat an unidentified man at Shag nightclub after the Death Row head and the man got into a heated discussion. Knight and the man were involved in a conversation before witnesses said Knight shouted "I want my money!" After Knight and his crew assaulted the man, the man got up from the ground and landed a punch to Knight's face that resulted in the infamous music mogul hitting the deck. Sources told say Knight was out cold for nearly three minutes.
    He had to be taken to the hospital and according to TMZ, refused to file a report.

    Details are sketchy as to who actually knocked Suge out, the man who was beaten by his entourage, a witness or someone else altogether. It is also unknown if a weapon was used to deliver the punch.

    Knight and his entourage exited the club amid a minor frenzy following the fight. A woman attempted to drive Knight away in an SUV but hit other cars when she both pulled forward and reversed. Security removed the woman from the car and another member of Knight's posse drove him to the hospital. According to the report, police attempted to talk to Knight at the medical facility but he was uncooperative and refused to file a police report regarding the incident.


    Marion Knight, Jr., a.k.a , Suge Knight (born April 19, 1965 in Compton, California), is a controversial entrepreneur in the hip hop music industry and co-founder and CEO of Death Row Records. The record label rose to dominate the charts after Dr. Dre's breakthrough success The Chronic in 1992. After several years of chart successes for artists including Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound, Death Row Records fell into a stagnant limbo after Knight's incarceration on parole violation charges in September 1997.

    As a youth, he was associated with the Mob Piru Bloods street gang because he lived in a gang-dominated neighborhood. Though he was never a true member, Knight was frequently seen wearing their colors. He remained an excellent student and athlete, so much so that he won a football scholarship to University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he played collegiate football for several years. After school, he played professionally for the Los Angeles Rams and for a short time, but couldn't quite make the grade. Instead, he found work as a concert promoter and a bodyguard for celebrities including Bobby Brown. Knight's legal problems began in 1987 when he faced auto theft, concealed weapon and attempted murder charges, ultimately receiving probation. Two years later, he formed his own music-publishing company, and allegedly made his first big fortune in the business by coercing Vanilla Ice into signing over royalties from his smash hit "Ice Ice Baby" owing to material that he supposedly sampled from one of Knight's company associates. (The possibly apocryphal story holds that Knight held Ice by his ankles off of a 20th-floor balcony, though in Ice's version, the threat was more implied.) Knight next formed an artist management company and signed prominent West Coast figures The D.O.C.DJ Quik. Through the former, he met several members of the seminal gangsta rap group N.W.A.

    Dr. Dre of N.W.A. wished to depart from both his group and their label, Ruthless Records, run by Eazy-E, another member of N.W.A. This process involved Suge Knight who negotiated a contract release for Dr. Dre that, according to N.W.A's manager Jerry Heller, involved Knight and his henchmen threatening Heller and Eazy-E with pipes and baseball bats. Ultimately, Dre co-founded Death Row Records in 1991 with Knight, who famously vowed to make it "the Motown of the '90s."

    For a time, Knight made good on his ambitions: He secured a distribution deal with Interscope, and Dre's 1992 solo debut, The Chronic, became one of the most influential rap albums of all time. It also made a star of Dre's protégé, Snoop Doggy Dogg, whose debut album, Doggystyle, was another smash hit in 1993. As Dre's signature G-funk production style took over hip-hop, Death Row became a reliable brand name for gangsta rap fans, and even its lesser releases sold consistently well. However, Knight was already courting controversy; during the recording sessions for The Chronic, he was arrested for assaulting two aspiring rappers who allegedly used a phone without his permission, and was placed on several years probation.

    Meanwhile, Death Row had begun a public feud with 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, and when Knight traveled to Miami for a hip-hop convention in 1993, he was apparently seen openly carrying a gun. The following year, he opened a private, by-appointment-only nightclub in Las Vegas called Club 662, so named because the numbers spelled out MOB, Knight's gang affiliation, on telephone keypads. He also pleaded no contest to firearms trafficking charges, and was sentenced again but placed on probation. In 1995, he ran afoul of activist C. Delores Tucker, whose criticism of Death Row's glamorization of the "gangsta" lifestyle helped scuttle a lucrative deal with Time Warner.

    Additionally, Knight's feud with East Coast impresario Sean Combs took a nasty turn when Knight insulted the Bad Boy label honcho on air at the Source Awards in August 1995. Openly critical of Puffy's tendency of ad-libbing on his artists' songs and dancing in their videos, Knight announced to the audience of recording artists and industry figures, "Anyone out there who wanna be a recording artist and wanna stay a star, but don't have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the records, dancing, come to Death Row."

    However, the year was partially redeemed when Knight offered to post a hefty bail for Tupac Shakur if the troubled rapper agreed to sign with Death Row. Shakur agreed, setting the stage for his 1996 blockbuster double album All Eyez on Me and the smash hits "California Love" and "How Do U Want It." Shakur helped Death Row stay on top of a marketplace that was already shifting back toward the East Coast, which had devised its own distinct brand of hardcore rap.

    However, the label suffered a major blow when Dr. Dre, frustrated with the company's increasingly thuggish reputation and Knight's violent inclinations, decided to leave and form his own label. A stream of Dre-dissing records followed, but things turned tragic later in 1996, when Shakur was murdered in a drive-by shooting as a passenger in a car driven by Knight. When Shakur's East Coast rival, The Notorious B.I.G., was murdered in a similar fashion in March 1997, speculation immediately arose that Knight was involved and that B.I.G.'s death was a revenge killing. Subsequent investigations exposed a web of connections between Death Row Records, gang members who worked there, and LAPD officers who sometimes worked security for the label and its artists during off hours, but to date, both murders remain unsolved.

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