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Anna Jandrasopark Sex Tape Scandal, Download it Now and See This Hot Thai Actress in Homemade Sex Video


    People have been asking for a repost of this sex tape with new download links, so here you have it.

    Anna Jandrasopark
    is a famous singer and actress in Thailand and this Thai celebrity found herself in the middle of a sex tape scandal. Here is a very good lesson for all of us. If you take you computer in for service and it has your private movies on it. Please move the files out of the "MyVideos" folder and try not to call the files "MyHomeSexTapes.avi" Unless you want a whole lot of publicity. Just ask singer Anna "Jamp" Jandrasopark what the computer repairman found while fixing her pc. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    The Thai music group JAMP was hit with a sex scandal when a hardcore homevideo of one of its member’s, Anna Jandrasopark was released.

    Anna really "opens up" in front of the camera, getting slammed in all sorts of positions. Shes got a great set of tits, a smooth pussy, and works herself nicely with a pink dildo. She loves taking cock in the mouth and in her tight pussy. This 50 minute sex video is one of the best released to date and you can download it right here!

    Anna is well known in Thailand and is for them a kind of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton type celebrity who later went on to become an actress and whose latest film goes by the name of Shadow Island.

    Anyway, considering that she’s being compared to Pam and Paris it’s perhaps not surprising that the tape is graphic and extremely raunchy.

    In the clip she strips off and a guy licks her pussy after which she thanks him by giving him a blow-job and just to make sure that he’s rock solid she masturbates for him after which the guy can obviously wait no more and he fucks her passionately.

    The vid quality is very good and Anna even gets out some handcuffs and a vibrator just to add to her kicks and ours.


    Anna Jandrasopark
    Sex Tape Scandal

    142 MB - 50:29 minutes







    Anna Jandrasopark aka Issaraporn Jandrasopark (Born September 2, 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai singer and actress. She's of Thai & German Decent and the lead singer of the music group "Jamp." She had a very interesting home sex tape featuring dildos and handcuffs go public.

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