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Argentinian Soap Actress Jimena Perini Leaked Anal Sex Tape Scandal Video for Download @


    Famous Argentinian Actress and Model Jimena Perini is Well Known for her Hardcore Partying and Clubbing but Now We Can Add Hardcore Anal Fucking to her Resume.

    This chick gets screwed every which way possible in this homemade sex video. She's some celeb from Argentina but who cares about that. She is fucking HOT. She is much better looking than most of the new American starlets that are skanking thing up now. It is get that not only hotel heiresses and big titted Hollywood actresses that get their sex tapes leaked onto the internet. In Argentina Jimena Perini is quite famous as a soap actress/models. It is time for the rest of the world to meet another side of her in this sex tape of her being banged hard by her ex-boyfriend. its funny the way there is always an ex-boyfriend involved.

    I never heard of a Jimena before but she look and sounds pretty Amazingly HOT! And shes the one on the right in the first pic if you were wondering which girl it is your gonna see. She’s not famous like a Paris or Kim, but she knows how to have sex and does ANAL! You will see if bitch can out do this Kim in the butt fucked department! Fast and Hard is all I will say. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    The Amazing Jimena Perini sex tape, mostly anal! She's a real moaner and enjoys it up in every hole very much!

    Argentinean actress that goes by the name of Jimena Perini has become the Argentinean equivalent of Paris Hilton. Jimena has caught some major attention now after a stolen sex tape she made with her boyfriend magically appeared on the internet. We must say that she is great in the sack and holds nothing back at all, the anal sex is amazing!

    The most famous host model of Argentina, Jimena Perini, is now on tape doing some hot stuff in private with her then boyfriend...damn, she is a goddess!

    Sex toys and butt sex with 69 and doggy fucking. This girl is what some would call a freak. She fuck like a wild animal in heat. Definitely the best video I've seen in a while, this chick should come to America and become a pornstar. She would become rich as hell, I am talking richer than that other tramp Jenna Jamason, the $100 million tramp.


    Argentinian Model/Actress Jimena Perini Leakd Anal Sex Tape

    File Size: 75 MB - Runtime: 23:00 mintues







    Jimena Perini (born in Argentina) is a model and actress in Brazilian and Argentina. She works for an energy drink in Argentina called "Speed" as a spokes model, she promotes the drink in different nightclubs and events. She gain much international attention for a sex tape leaked on the Internet. The shooting of the tape was actually made during a vacation trip to Brazil with her boyfriend, who is actually the one who post it on the net.

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