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Bianca Gascoigne And Charlotte Mears Almost Lesbian Bikini Pictures a the Beach


    When I woke up this morning I wished I would get to see two slutty English girls with big boobs playing on a beach in a pair of bikini a skank would be ashame to wear. Here are Bianca Gascoigne and Charlotte Mears in Marbella, Spain wearing their bikinis on a beach and having a good time. It looks like there’s some sexual energy between them, which ought to be explored in a lesbian sex tape. Because that’s what these two chicks are probably only good for, seeing that I have no clue what either of them do besides turn me on. Bianca Gascoigne and Charlotte Mears bikini pics are exactly what you need for this long weekend. Even though they are faking it up in these "candid pics", you can still have a beer or two in their honor. Damn I love Lesbo incline Skanks. Anyway, they’re hot so enjoy. Click on pictures to enlarge.


    Bianca Gascoigne (born October 28, 1986) is a British glamour model and television personality. She is the former step-daughter of footballer Paul Gascoigne. She is the daughter of his ex-wife Sheryl, and has one brother and one half-brother.

    Bianca first came to public attention when she talked about her experiences growing up in a house where her stepfather Gascoigne was allegedly abusing her mother. These newspaper stories led to her and Paul Gascoigne's estrangement to the point where he no longer acknowledges her as his daughter. For her part, she has been forthcoming in her derogatory opinions of her stepfather.

    Most recently, Bianca has won ITV's reality TV show, Love Island, which is set in Fiji. She admitted on the show that she had a breast enlargement from an A cup to a 34C in February 2006.

    In September 2006, Gascoigne appeared on the front cover of Loaded magazine and in January 2007, the cover of Nuts magazine. She has also been featured in Maxim, FHM magazine, Zoo Weekly and numerous tabloid newspapers.


    Charlotte Mears is a British glamour model and television personality. Charlotte Mears is the ex-fiance to English football star Jermain Defoe. She is a favorite of British tabloid newspapers.

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