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Football aka Soccer Star Ronaldo in Transvestite Sex Scandal and Loses Fiancee After Motel Cross-Dressing Tranny Hookers Incident


    After dropping off his girlfriend at her home on Monday, Ronaldo decided to have some fun and picked up three prostitutes. They got a room at the Papillon motel in Rio de Janeiro and an altercation ensued when he realized the three prostitutes he thought were women were actually transvestites. Ronaldo claims that the men tried to extort money from him in exchange for not blabbing to the media about the incident.

    Ronaldo went into hiding Tuesday after a run-in with cross-dressing prostitutes that prompted police to investigate whether to charge one with trying to extort money from the soccer star.

    The AC Milan player, in Brazil recovering from a knee surgery, canceled two TV appearances, and local media said he will continue physiotherapy at his home.

    Police said Ronaldo committed no crime, but he was accused by one prostitute of using drugs and not wanting to pay.

    Prostitution is legal in Brazil.

    "It is necessary to clarify that no formal accusations were made against Ronaldo," read a statement on the player's Web site. "An advocate of social causes, Ronaldo has never used drugs and has always been admired by children in Brazil and around the world. There are indications of an extortion attempt in which the Milan striker is the only victim."

    Soccer star Ronaldo reportedly dropped off his girlfriend at her house in Rio de Janeiro on Monday night, then picked up three prostitutes. It wasn't until they were all booked into a motel that the 2002 World Cup winner found out that the prostitutes were actually men.

    According to Rio police, the AC Milan player alleges that the transvestites then tried to extort money from him. Carlos Augusto Nogueira, the Rio police superintendent said:

    Ronaldo "reported that Andreia had taken his car documents and demanded $30,000. Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that's not a crime. To pay to have sexual relations isn't illegal. There's a strong chance that Ronaldo has been the victim of extortion."

    After Ronaldo refused to pay up, the prostitutes claimed that Ronaldo had taken drugs, and had threatened to hurt the three transvestites.

    Ronaldo, a three-time FIFA player of the year, acknowledged to police he knew they were prostitutes but did not realize they were cross-dressers until getting to a motel early Monday morning, according to police.

    Ronaldo Transvestite Sex Scandal Video

    Police released more details Tuesday, and the AP reviewed witnesses' accounts to authorities.

    The motel manager-identified only as Luisa-said Ronaldo, who was dressed and appeared to be sober, tried to get rid of the prostitutes after realizing they were men.

    She told police Ronaldo offered the prostitutes $600 to end the incident but they would not accept dollars. The manager then converted the money into reals for Ronaldo, but before he made the payment one prostitute asked for 50,000 reals ($30,000) to keep the story from the media, according to the police document.

    A motel waiter, who was not identified in the police documents, told police the prostitute went to the street and yelled "the Phenomenon didn't want to pay."

    Witnesses also told police the prostitute who asked for 50,000 reals ripped out the phone wires to keep Ronaldo from calling for help, and broke into his car to steal his belongings, according to police documents. That prostitute later showed local media a car document belonging to Ronaldo.

    Police inspector Carlos Augusto Nogueira said there was no evidence drugs were involved in the incident.

    But he said Ronaldo and the prostitutes must return to the police station for further questioning next week. Nogueira added the one prostitute might be charged with extortion. Ronaldo will not be charged, Nogueira said, unless he threatened to physically assault the prostitutes, as one hinted.

    The case made front-page headlines in several Brazilian newspapers Tuesday. And a brief video clip of Ronaldo at the motel, apparently taped by one of the prostitutes, became a big hit in Brazil after being uploaded on YouTube.

    "It's really a soap opera," said 48-year-old Luiz Mendes, a private chauffeur. "Ronaldo has money to fill mattresses. He can afford the best and most beautiful women in the world. Why would he want to go out with these (prostitutes)."

    Ronaldo’s fiancee decided to leave him following the scandal involving his night out with transvestites in Rio last weekend, the Brazilian press informed on Wednesday.

    Maria Beatriz Antony, who had been dating the player for a year, was staying in his apartment in the Barra da Tijuca district, Rio’s west zone, when she acknowledged that Ronaldo had spent Sunday evening in the company of three transvestites.

    According to the press, the player himself gave his fiancee the bad news. Antony moved to her parents’ home in Brasilia on Monday.

    The scandal exploded when Andrea Albertino, one of the three transvestites, told the police that Ronaldo had refused to pay for her services after acknowledging she was not a woman.

    The Milan forward, who is currently in Rio on a leave following a knee surgery, admitted to the police that he had gone out with Albertino and her friends because he thought they were female prostitutes. In his testimony, he explained that he needed to “have fun and relax” with “people from outside his circle.”

    Ronaldo also said that Albertino tried to extort 50,000 reais (29,900 U.S. dollars) from him in exchange for not calling the police or the press, which was confirmed by one of the other two prostitutes.

    On Tuesday, Albertino was interviewed by newspapers and networks in Brazil. While waiting for another participation in a TV show in Sao Paulo, the prostitute, whose ID name is Andre Luis Albertino, got involved in another event that led her to show up at a police precinct for the second time in two days.

    She was charged with damaging some equipment of Brazilian broadcaster Rede TV, after reacting violently to questions made by a comedian that hosts a show on that TV channel.



    Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima (pronounced [xo'nawdʊ lu'iz na'zaɾjʊ dʒi 'limɐ]; born September 18, 1976 in Rio de Janeiro), is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a striker for the Italian Serie A club AC Milan. He has been nicknamed "The Phenomenon" (Portuguese: O Fenômeno, Spanish: El Fenómeno). Pelé named him one of the 125 greatest living footballers in March 2004. In 2007 France Football named him in their best starting 11 of all time.

    Ronaldo has enjoyed success at the international level, winning the 1994 and 2002 FIFA World Cups with Brazil. Ronaldo has won three FIFA World Player of the Year awards (1996, 1997, 2002). He and former Real Madrid teammate Zinedine Zidane are the only two men to have won the award three times.

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