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Some Chinese Sex Tape I Mistakenly Posted for the Anna Jandrasopark Sex Video

    Just too many sex tapes to keep track.

    Anna Jandrasopark Sex Tape Scandal Might Be The Best Sex Scandal Video, Download it Now Here

    A reader said...

    hey, thats good man who manage this site....

    could you post the video which you had on megaupload b4? I managed 2 dl 2 of 4 of them, but after you took them down. looks pretty interesting.

    please..... thanx in advance.

    I think these are what you are looking for, if not tell me and I will look again.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4


    I now know people really hate Rapidshare, I am now getting to really hate it too. But I still have some celebrity sex tapes on there I want to post. I am very sorry if you are having trouble with it. I am looking for a new file host service, I am looking at Megaupload and Sharebee. I will repost these sex tapes at a later date on a different host service with less work for you.

    Please offer some suggestions, I want a host that can handle really large files and is easy for people to download from.

    If you have qa celebrity sex tape uploaded already on a service other than Rapidshare send me the info and link to and i was post it.
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