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Indiana University Leaked Nude "Hoosier" Cheerleader Pictures, Very Sexy Topless Pics

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    Just another University sex scandal with a sexy body less than average face chick but I would totally do her, no shame here. These photos are creating quite a sensation online: nude, bikini and topless pictures of a young woman posted online with claims that she is an Indiana University cheerleader. The website that first published these hot NSFW pictures don't really say where they came from or bother to name the 22-year-old girl, but does offer photographic evidence that she was on the Indiana University cheerleading squad. Click on picture to enlarge.

    If you’ve had the pleasure of attending an Indiana Hoosiers basketball game at Assembly Hall this year, then chances are you’ve seen this coed on the cheerleading squad. She looks like your typical Indiana girl, primed and ready to become the next Playboy playmate. And then do some hardcore porn. Fortunate for Hoosier fans though, she’s skipped Playboy and went straight to posing for nude photos for her boyfriend.

    Now comes word from the Bloomington, IN Herald Times that a police report has been filed by the girl's mother claiming that someone must have hacked into her personal computer and stole the pictures before posting them online! They also have a primary suspect: the cheerleader's ex-boyfriend. So far though, the only crime police think might have been committed was hacking into the victim’s computer to retrieve them.

    Apparently just posting naughty pictures of your ex isn't a crime . . . at least not in Indiana. If the photos were obtained in some other way, say the boyfriend took them himself or received copies, it doesn't appear they can charge him. And so far, no one seems to be insisting that the website that originally published the photos or any other of the many sites that have the images now, take them down.

    To make matters worse, the victim was not aware that the images were available online until a friend showed her a link to them from the message board, where IU athletics fans go to discuss a number of topics, apparently including topless photos of one of their cheerleaders. According to the mother, the girl in the pictures has been--surprise!!--harassed so much since they were published that she had to leave Indiana for California.

    In total, there are about two-dozen photographs of her, some in different bikinis and still others in various pieces of black lingerie, but many of them topless., contacted Indiana University about the cheerleader and the negative image the publication of the pictures gave the school (and, apparently, cheerleaders in general) and posted that:
    Assistant Athletics Director for External Operations Frank Cuervo stated, "'It is unfortunate that this young woman finds herself in this situation and that someone was willing to take advantage of her momentary lapse in judgement." He went on to indicate that the young woman who appears in the photos is understandably very embarrassed, specifically because she did not intend for the pictures to be posted publicly, and that it was actually someone who gained unauthorized access to her computer who ultimately posted them online.
    A sad story indeed and somewhat of a cautionary tale for other college-aged young women, according to Bloomington PD Capt. Joe "I Love My Job" Qualters, who said the case demonstrates the "risks people take when either storing or distributing items meant to remain private" adding,
    "Once you send things electronically, even let’s say you gave regular photos of yourself to a beau, and your relationship breaks off, that person could end up doing something else with them. There’s an inherent danger with that trust factor."
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