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Chu Mei-Feng Sex Tape, Taiwanese Politician Sex Scandal See the Video


    There were rumors in Taiwan political circles that a video showing Chu Mei-Feng having sex in her apartment was being shopped around to tabloids, magazines and VCD distributors in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most rejected the opportunity to distribute the video, but eventually some took the bait. In its issue released Monday, December 17, 2001, Scoop Weekly ran a lengthy expose of Chu Mei-Feng's promiscuous sex life. That issue of the magazine came packaged with the hidden camera sex video in VCD format. (Download the video below) Copies of the 40-minute video also started showing up on the Internet and local street markets in the days before Scoop hit the newsstands. Click on pictures to enlarge.

    Chu at first denied being the woman on the video, but weeks later admitted it was probably her. The man in the video was eventually identified as Tseng Chung-ming, a married businessman with whom Chu Mei-Feng had an affair. The video was shot with a pinhole surveillance camera hidden in Chu's apartment (See the hidden camera video below).

    In the aftermath of the VCD scandal, another Taiwanese tabloid, Next Weekly, acquired and excerpted Chu's diary, in which she allegedly discussed being showered with money and gifts by "sugar daddies."

    Download the Chu Mei-Feng Sex Tape




    Part 1

    Part 2



    The investigation quickly focused on Kuo Yu-ling, Chu's former "spiritual growth instructor" from a religious-healing center called Avatar (referred to in some accounts as a "Buddhist sect"). Chu and Kuo were apparently close friends at one point but had fallen out months before the VCD release. Police retrieved a notebook in which Kuo kept coded notes about the surveillance. Several witnesses reported seeing Kuo purchasing video and audio surveillance devices and soliciting a detective agency to install the devices in Chu's home, office and car. Kuo admitted having the pinhole cameras installed in Chu's home, but initially insisted she did so at Chu's request. Several VCD companies confirmed that Kuo contacted them and tried to sell them the sex footage from Chu's bedroom.

    Kuo eventually confessed to placing the assorted surveillance devices and creating the hidden camera videotapes. She then insisted that she had been acting on someone else's orders, but wouldn't reveal who else was involved. But police and journalists had a prime suspect: Tsai Jen-chien, former mayor of Hsinchu and Chu Mei-Feng's ex-lover. Kuo admitted that Tsai accompanied her to the private detective agency where she purchased video surveillance equipment, and several witnesses saw them there together.

    Her Bio

    Chu Mei-feng (Chinese: 璩美鳳; pinyin: Qú Měifèng b. August 5, 1966) is a Taiwanese TV journalist, former Taipei City councilwoman and the former director of Hsinchu City's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

    She served as a Taipei city councilor, then later became cultural affairs director of Hsinchu. According to the Taipei Times, "Chu, was once a shining star of the New Party who first rose to prominence in 1997 after becoming the first to denounce Sung Chi-li, a cult leader who claimed to have supernatural powers. She later regained the media spotlight by having a love affair with the sitting mayor of Hsinchu City Tsai Jen-chien, though she ended the relationship with Tsai last year." Before entering politics, Chu worked as a TV journalist.

    Chu left office due to fallout from a video released by a Taiwanese tabloid showing her having sex with her married lover. In 2002, Chu started a career as a singer. She later returned to Taiwan in 2006 to put an end to the scandal and face the jury.

    Chu capitalized on the publicity by releasing an autobiography, Confessions of Chu Mei-feng, in February 2002. As of 2007, she hosts TV news for a Macau television station.

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