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Gaping Asian Asshole Ready For Some Unprotected Anal Fun


    Here we have a shy yet very bowl Asian lady getting ready to take it up the ass. She is wearing nothing but a blindfold, stockings, black bra and panties with a gaping asshole in tow. Yes sir, it is time for some anal sex pictures with a lady in sexy lingerie. And this lady is all about doing it bareback with her boyfriend in these condom free pictures because in our fantasy world AIDS doesn't exist. But before the anal fucking, first he has to lube her up then finger bang her butt and used sex toys to get her fully gaping and that asshole ready for some ass fucking. Then and only he enters her bowels of desire for some balls deep anal banging fun in her rectum.

    Don't ask me what the blindfold is for because I missed the first part of the meeting which that was discussed. But I thought we agreed during the meeting that she would show her face for this set... LOL! Would have been an awesome meeting... Anyway, remember to join the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Facebook and feel free to leave a suggestion or comment there. And remember to send more interesting pictures and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to blogywoodbabes(at) ASAP. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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    Thanks to an anonymous contributor.

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