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Cao Ge and Justin Hong Kong Street Brawl


    Here is a funny candid street fight video between two artists sent to These two dudes cannot fight for shit which is not a good thing to let the world know about you. I know American teenage girls that can fight better than these two. The contributor wrote to the Gutter Uncensored with the following story:

    Dear Mr.Gutter,

    Here's a street brawl involving a HK singer and a Malaysian singer. Please download the video before it's taken down.

    Location: Hong Kong
    Full Name: Cao Ge (better known as 曹格) and Justin Lo (better known as 侧田)
    Back Story:
    Apparently paparazzi recorded Cao Ge and Justin's night out which ended up being a street brawl for unknown reason. They were buddies.

    Here are the links to their backgrounds:

    Laughing Gor

    Nice nickname anonymous tipster, if you ever want to be an author on this blog you are welcome. Your email was so well detailed there is nothing for me to do. I like it... Let this be a template for all tips. But anything is still welcome at this point. And it would be stupid if Youtube remove this video but the censors there probably will. I don't know why they remove things like this yet some of the sickest and most outrageous things have been up for months with millions of views. Anyway, enjoy the drunken kung fu fight. Where are the Hong Kong cops when they are really needed? Click to play video!



    Send more photos or videos to of scandalous behavior. Send real uncensored pictures or videos of celebrities or politicians or any public figure to: Please include the person's full name and a short back story. Looking for more contributions from Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Indonesia and India. But contributions from ALL countries are welcome!


    Thank to
    "Laughing Gor."

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