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Nadya Suleman Octomom On The Set Of Her First Porn Movie

    Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom on the set of her very first porn shoot of many more to come. The Octomom famously swear she would never do porn. Last week the Octomom finally took the inevitable plunge into porn after filing for bankruptcy. She lost her house, so she of course posed topless for a magazine at the basement low price of $10,000 to pay the rent on her much smaller home. But since she only got paid a fraction of the million she was once offered to do a hardcore scene, she is now right back where she started, only this time she actually filed for bankruptcy. And since the time she was first offered the million to screw on camera, changes in bankruptcy law make it more difficult to walk away from the bills so you still have to pay your debts. Thus the world will get to watch the Octomon masturbate. LOL! these are pictures of her on the set of her fist porno, expect to see her in many more and I am estimating we are only 6 months away from her first gangbang porn scene. Click on pictures to enlarge.
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