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College Student "Natalie Dylan" To Auction Her Virginity to Pay for Graduate School


    A 22-year-old woman (whore) from San Diego. California who using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan is going to auction off her virginity online. I am just hoping that a really hung dude win this thing, and I hope he destroy her shit. Fucking totally wreck her whoring pussy... The online auction is taking place under the auspices of the online site of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (whorehouse) in Nevada. She received a $250,000 offer. Dylan hopes to net up to $1 million dollars from the auction, which is taking place in Nevada at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legalized brothel. The deal will be consummated at the Bunny Ranch, where Dylan’s sister already works.

    The sister is a whore so I would not be surprise if the mother is a whore too. I thought people send their daughters to college so that they don't end up whoring but this girl is whoring to go to college. The winning bidder should have this girl's pussy and hymen checked to make sure everything is still intact because something tells me that she is no virgin. And something tells me that she will be whoring next year, probably selling her asshole because she will she she is still a ass virgin but we know better. Any one up for an anal auction? "Natalie Dylan" will be. I love skanks and sluts but I hate whores. And she should be the one paying some guy to deflower her because who want to probably be covered in some strange whores blood. Fuck, she could be a serious bleeder, who the hell would pay for that! Click on pictures to enlarge.


    A 22-year-old graduate of Sacramento State College is auctioning off her virginity to help pay for her studies. "I don't think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems, but it will create some financial stability," says the attractive brunette (who uses the pseudonym Natalie Dylan for safety reasons).

    Dylan says she has already taken a polygraph test to prove she's a virgin and is willing to undergo a medical exam as well. "I'm ready for the controversy," she says. "I'm ready to do this."

    Natalie Dylan, the pretty 22-year-old recent college grad who is selling her virginity to the highest bidder, has reportedly received a $250,000 offer on Sept. 10.

    Dylan (not her real name), who graduated from Sacramento State College, claims she's selling her virginity to help finance her graduate studies. Natalie plans to pursue a master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

    Dylan hopes to net up to $1 million from the auction, which is taking place in Nevada at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legalized brothel (eBay turned her down). The auction will be conducted online at, and the deal will be consummated at the Bunny Ranch, where Dylan’s sister already works. “I think it’s a tremendous idea,” says Ranch owner Dennis Hof. “Why lose it to some guy in the backseat of a Toyota when you can pay for your education?”

    Dylan says she has no moral issues with auctioning off her virginity. "I don't have a moral dilemma with it," she says. "We live in a capitalist society. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me, but this is empowering. I'm using what I have to better myself."

    "I'm not just looking for the highest bidder," says Dylan. "I'm looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person." Ironically, Natalie has a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies from Sacramento State and wants to pursue a master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.

    Natalie says she got the idea of selling her virginity at auction after hearing about a Peruvian woman who was trying to pay for her mother’s medical bills. A Canadian man made a $1.5 million bid, but the woman decided not to go through with the sex.

    Dylan's mom, a conservative fourth-grade teacher, initially didn't approve of the auction, but now supports the idea. "I understand some people may condemn me, but, I think this is empowering," says Natalie. "I’m using what I have to better myself.” Meanwhile, radio shock job Howard Stern has denied reports that he is affiliated with the auction.

    Still, Natalie says the winner won’t necessarily be the highest bidder. “I want someone with chemistry. We’ll take bids until I find a suitor I’m happy with.” Btw, Natalie's not a total novice: She admits she has had oral sex, but is still technically a virgin (sounds like she and Bill Clinton should meet).


    The hymen (also called maidenhead) is a fold of mucous membrane which surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It was also the name for the Greek god of marriage, "Hymenaios." It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia. An English slang term is "cherry", as in "popping one's cherry" (losing one's virginity). However, it is not possible to confirm that a woman or post-pubescent girl is not a virgin by examining the hymen. In cases of suspected rape or sexual abuse, a detailed examination of the hymen may be carried out; however, the condition of the hymen alone is often inconclusive or open to misinterpretation, especially if the patient has reached puberty. The most common formation of the hymen is crescentic or crescent-shaped, although several other formations are possible. After a woman gives birth she may be left with remnants of the hymen called carunculae myrtiformes or the hymen may be completely absent.
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